Anfachen Award VIII – topic "Angst/Fear"

Welcome to the ANFACHEN AWARD VIII topic "Angst/Fear".
We are pleased about your participation.

ATTENTION! The posters have to be submitted ONLY in the PORTRAIT format DIN A0 / 841 mm x 1189 mm.
The poster files have to be uploaded in low resolution within the deadline (3 MB as TIFF or PDF in CMYK for an A2 print). Please don’t submit any high-resolution files at this early stage.

Please take care to title your arwork in the right way:
It is essential to name the files as follows: AnfachenVIII_surname_draft number; e.g: AnfachenVIII_Mustermann_1.

Link for registration:

And please write mark your posters files with your name. Please don't write your name
on the poster design because the jury will judge the posters anonym.

Participants will be charged a fee of 12 Euros per poster or 30 Euros for three/four posters for printing the posters in DIN A2 for presentation to the jury. This you have to pay an the beginning and not just when you are under the winner posters. Should this fee constitute an obstacle, please contact us via We will find a solution.

Thank you!

To participate in the competition, you must provide your personal data. By participating, you agree to the collection and competition-related storage of the data. (The data will not be passed on to third parties).


In order to be able to submit all posters to a renowned international jury in analogue and anonymized form, we have to charge a submission fee of 12.00 euros per poster, or 30.00 euros for three/four posters.
If the submission fee is an obstacle for anyone, please contact us at

In order to participate in the competition, personal data is required. By participating, you agree to the collection and storage of data relating to the competition. (The data will not be passed on to third parties!)